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Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe School Net weather link, ww2.instaweather.com

Olympic Peninsula Tribal Tourism Association, www.explorepacificnwtribes.com

National Congress of American Indians, www.ncai.org

Washington State Governor’s Office on Indian Affairs, www.goia.wa.gov

Little Boston Library, www.krl.org

The Point Casino www.the-point-casino.com. Facebook; ThePoint Washington or http://www.facebook.com/The.Point.Casino

Kitsap County, www.kitsapgov.com

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), www.fema.gov


Natural Resources/Environmental/Fisheries

Port Gamble Bay www.portgamblebay.com

Point No Point Treaty Council, www.pnptc.org

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, www.nwifc.org

National Weather Service, www.wrh.noaa.gov

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, http://wdfw.wa.gov/



Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, www.npaihb.org

Indian Health Service, www.ihs.gov

American Indian Health Commission, www.aihc-wa.org

Kitsap County Health Department, www.kitsapcountyhealth.com



The S'Klallam language, www.elwha.org/language.htm

Services for children with special needs, www.kitsapicc.org, www.touchpoints.org

North Kitsap School District, www.nkschools.org

Olympic College, www.olympic.edu

Northwest Indian College, http://www.nwic.edu

Klallam Language Word of the Day, http://twitter.com/KlallamWOTD

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is a Public Hearing and when is the next one?

    Public Hearings are held when a change is being made to Tribal Law. Sometimes it's an amendment to the law and sometimes it's a brand new law. ALL General Council members are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings. Members' opinion is very important to the Tribal Council. The Council needs all perspectives in order to make sure proposed law is appropriate for the PGST community. Although no formal action is taken during Public Hearings, they are conducted much like General Council meetings and provide a great opportunity for community input.

    Public Hearing Notices are posted several weeks ahead of time in the Community Memo, on tribal buildings and are added to the Community Calendar as they are scheduled by the Tribal Council.

    Full copies of proposed changes are available from the front desk or in the registered member section of the website under the "publications" link under "public hearings".
  • Q: How do I get on the Tribal Council Agenda?

    Agenda items are due to the Executive Assistant to the Tribal Council by the Tuesday prior to each meeting.

    Forms can be found at the Tribal Center Reception Desk.

    Tribal Council Agenda Request Form
  • Q: How does someone get enrolled in the tribe?

    Title 25.02 of the Tribal Law and Order Code outlines the procedures for enrollment.

    Title 25 of the L&O Code
    Enrollment Application and Check List

  • Q: When does the Tribal Council meet?

    The Tribal Council meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month.
  • Q: What is the Police Tip line phone number?

    The tipline should be used to report suspicious activity or tips that can help an investigation. If you are witnessing a crime in action, been victim of a crime, or have an emergency it is ALWAYS best to call 911.

    Anonymous Police Tipline: 930-9061

    The police will not contact you back unless you request it. Tips can be left by voicemail or text messaging.
  • Q: When are the General Council meetings scheduled for this year?

    The PGST Constitution states “The General Council shall hold semi-annual meetings on the last Saturday of March and the first Saturday of October.
  • Q: What can be accessed on the website as a registered user?

    You must be a tribal member, tribal community member or tribal employee to access the “Member” portion of the website. This will provide access to the Tribal Calendar, Facility reservations, Tribal news and notices, Tribal Council info, Tribal policies and various forms and applications.

    Register / Log in
  • Q: What does “Tribal Sovereignty” mean?

    "Sovereignty" is the inherent authority to govern. Tribes use the term interchangeably with self-governance and self determination.

    "Sovereignty is governing your people and governing your land."

    "Tribal sovereignty is a tool to preserve culture and traditions of Indian people."

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