HAZWOPER Training - Request for Proposals



Wetland Survey and Delineation - Request For Proposals

Wetland Survey and Delineation RFP (DOCX)

Appendix I (PDF)


Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update - Request for Proposals


East Salmonberries Engineering Services

Advertisement for Engineering Services (DOCX)

Design Estimate Worksheet  (XLS)

East Salmonberries Indian Preference (DOC)

East Salmonberries Phase 1 Engineering Report (PDF)

Loving Engineering Plans (PDF)

Scope of Work Salmonberries (DOCX)


Administration Campus Phase II - Drainage Improvement

1. Contract Documents
Admin Campus II Drainage Bid Contract (PDF)

Special Provisions (PDF)

2. Technical Specifications
Amendments to WSDOT Standard Specifications (PDF)

Installation Manual MWS Linear (PDF)

WSDOT 2014 Standard Specifications (PDF)

3. Plan Set
Admin Campus Phase II Plan Set 6-5-18 (PDF)

4. Environmental Review
Campus Road Categorical Exclusions (PDF)

House of Knowledge FONSI (PDF)

NEPA Exclusion (PDF)

PGST Campus Stormwater Final Cultural Report (PDF)

Section 401 Water Quality Certification (PDF)

5. Background Documents
Geologic Review Letter (PDF)

Geologic Slope Assessment (PDF)

Inadvertent Discovery Plan (PDF)

Modular Wetland Estimate 6-18-18 (PDF)

Topo Survey (PDF)


Health and Wellness Center Architecture Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Vicinity Map

Campus View Aerial

Site Aerial

Master Plan Excerpts

Services Components Diagram

Architectural Program

Site Plan

Lower Level Floor Plan

Upper Level Floor Plan

Exploded View

Roof View

Lobby Aerial View

North Entry View

South Entry View

Preliminary Cost Estimate (without parking, landscaping, FF&E)

Architects Site Tour Sign In Sheet

1. Which firm completed the preliminary design work and master plan?
Tormod Hellwig completed the PGST Master Plan and preliminary design work. The preliminary design work was completed as part of a grant application requirement for the project.

2. Is there a reason you are not using that same firm to complete the next phase?
The tribe intends to go through an open and competitive bid process for final design and will give serious consideration to all proposals received.

3. How much of the plan is up for re-design?
The Tribe is open to some re-design of the space to maximize service delivery and efficient use of space, so long as all services are included.


Early Learning Expansion Advertisement for Bids

Advertisement for Bids (PDF)

Plans (PDF)

Specifications (PDF)

Addendum #1 (PDF)

Addendum #2 (PDF)

Addendum #3 (PDF)

Addendum #4 (PDF) 


Geoduck Survey Request for Proposals

Request For Proposals (PDF)

Geoduck Surveys Priority List (PDF)


Port Gamble S'Klallam Housing Bid

Advertisements for Bids (Docx)

S'Klallam Hill Asbestos Revised Bid Packet (PDF)

S'Klallam Hill Asbestos Test Results (PDF)

ADDENDUM #1 (Docx)


2014 Annual Report

PGST 2014 Annual Report (PDF)

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