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Title 2 proposed changes

Title 5 proposed changes

Title 15 proposed changes


Tribal Climate Resilience Project

BIA Tribal Climate Resilience Project Manager


Project Bid Information

Click here for Project Bid Information


Geospatial Data Warehouse RFP



Remodel of Northwest Indian College Modular Building



RFP Construction Services

Port Gamble Campus (PDF)

RFQ Mini-remodel (PDF)
PGST Remodel Project Site Visit
10/17/22 Site Meeting Sign-in Sheet


Policy Writer

Policy Writer (PDF)


Holiday Lights Stringing, Maintenance & Repairs, and Storage



RFQ Architectural Services

Mini-Remodel Architect (PDF)
Site Questions (PDF)
RFQ Sign-In (PDF)


Little Boston House Project for the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe Housing Authority

General Specifications
General Notes
Bedroom Floor Plan
Bedroom Roof and Foundation
Bedroom Elevations
Bedroom Sections
Standard Framing Details

Invitation to Bid

Civil Legal Aid Services

Request for Proposals Civil Legal Aid Services (PDF)


CWA Section 319 NPS Assessment

CWA Section 319 NPS Assessment RFP (PDF)


North Kloomachin Preliminary Engineering Feasibility Study

North Kloomachin Preliminary Engineering Feasibility Study RFP (Docx)
North Kloomachin Conseptual Master Plan (PDF)


Port Gamble S'Klallam Transitional Housing Project

Trasitional Housing Scope of Work (Docx)
Transitional Housing Civil Plans (PDF)
Transitional Housing Contract (Doc)
Addendum (Docx)
Addendum 2 (Docx)
Foundation Prints (PDF)


Utility Department

Community Sewer Repairs

Contract Documents (PDF)
Porject PO-14-L88 Drawings (PDF)


RFP New Housing Authority Home

RFP New Housing Authority Homes (PDF)

Old PGSTHA 2BR House Plans (PDF)

Old PGSTHA 4BR House Plans (PDF)


Hatchery and Shelter Architect Request for Proposals

-RFP for Architectural Services (Docx)

-Aerial Map (PDF)

-Hatchery Intake Engineering Plan (PDF)

-Point Julia Wall Civil Drawings (PDF)

-Hatchery Building Tour Questions and Answers (Docx)


RFQ for Engineering/Construction Management Services

RFQ for Engineering/Construction Management Services (Docx)


Health and Wellness Center Request for Bids

Health and Wellness Center Request for Bids (PDF)


Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update - Request for Proposals (PDF)


Port Gamble S'Klallam Housing Bid

Advertisements for Bids (Docx)

S'Klallam Hill Asbestos Revised Bid Packet (PDF)

S'Klallam Hill Asbestos Test Results (PDF)

ADDENDUM #1 (Docx)


Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe Administration Building Tenant Improvement

Outline Scope of Work and Specifications (PDF)

Appendix A: Inadvertent Discovery Plan (PDF)

Appendix B: Indian Preference Form (Docx)

Supplemental Info - Utility Contractors (PDF)

Bid Set 13.19.21 (PDF)


2019 Annual Report

PGST 2019 Annual Report (PDF)


2014 Annual Report

PGST 2014 Annual Report (PDF)

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