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Community Policing

There is no one commonly recognized definition of community policing. However, a good definition would be, "a department wide philosophy of full service in personalized policing, where citizens feel empowered to work with the police at solving the problems of crime, fear of crimes, disorder, decay, and quality of life issues".

The Port Gamble Police practices this style of community policing with the community members of the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe.  We believe that there are three primary elements of effective community policing:

  • Build partnerships with the community.  Partnerships between the police and the tribal leadership, tribal organizations and community members can be used to develop collaborative solutions to anticipated challenges and improve trust between the police and those we serve.  
  • Transform the agency to align procedures and practices to prioritize community policing.  This includes incorporating community policing principles into our staffing plan, from the hiring process, to training, to performance evaluations; and implementing strategies that make proactive problem solving possible.
  • Problem solving.  Rather than reacting to crime after it occurs, we aim to develop proactive, predictive solutions to what were previously identified as the underlying conditions to our community's problems.  Problem-oriented policing targets the deployment of police services based upon actual, current crime data and community complaints.  It directs resources to the most pressing concerns of both the police and the community, which, in turn, builds community trust.

These are some of the examples of how we police with the community.

  • We support and attend the annual Canoe Journeys, interracting with our neighboring tribal communities.
  • We attend the Tribe's annual Strong Fair S'Klallam Day's- providing information to the community about crime prevention and trends.
  • We offer free bicycle checks and helmets for children.
  • We attend community walks for Early Childhood children for Autism and ADHD.
  • We provide training for employee safety at jobsites.
  • We proactively patrol community bus stops.
  • We attend First Responders Events.
  • We direct our Officers to focus on patrolling areas which receive community tips and complaints, as well as those areas which statistically have higher crime rates.

 Department Police Bears


Officers respond to a variety of calls that on occasion involve children. These situations aren't always ideal and therefore officers utilize Department Police Bears to provide comfort and reassurance to the children they encounter during these difficult times. The Bears have the department logo on their t-shirts.






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