Career and Education

MISSION: To provide opportunities to improve the quality of life for community members through teaching, training, counseling and assistance for professional, educational and employment enhancment by utilizing achievable goals and comprehensive planning.


Sandra Horton

Sandra Horton, one of the Tribe's Academic Coaches.
2011 Graduated of Northwest Indian College.

The Career and Education Center in the House of Knowledge provides tutoring, college classes and other educational programs for an increasing number of students. Please drop by and visit us!

Services offered:

  • Academic advising
  • Post-secondary forms completion (including financial aid forms)
  • Higher education grants for S'Klallam enrolled members
  • Job referrals and job vacancy listings
  • Resume preparation and copies
  • WWIETP-training (slots limited)
  • Junior & Senior high school homework and credit completion
  • Homework club for grades 1-6
  • GED, adult basic education, pre-college classes
  • Junior and senior high school summer school
  • Elementary summer school (grades K-6)
  • AA degree on site, Northwest Indian College
  • BA degree on site, The Evergreen State College
  • BA degree on site, Washington State University
  • In school Academic Coaching for grades K-12
  • Student grade incentive awards
  • Graduate Honoring


Scholarship Applications Deadlines

Fall term 2019- August 28, 2019
Winter term 2019/20- December 4, 2019
Spring term 2020- March 18, 2020

New applicant AA-BA-VOC Higher Ed packet
Continuing AA-BA-VOC Higher Ed packet
Graduate Higher Ed packet
Graduate Continuing packet
Vocational & Certificate Programs packet

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