To apply for Early Head Start or Head Start contact Melissa Streun or Rayna Espinosa for an appointment to complete an application. Bring a copy of your child's  immunizations, well child check up and an income statement to :


The Early Childhood Education Program
32028 Little Boston Road NE,
Kingston, WA 98346

Head Start is a comprehensive program
that includes

Health and Nutrition

Head Start knows how important it is for children to be healthy. Being healthy enables children to reach their full potential. Healthy habits are established in the classroom with daily tooth brushing and emphasis on hand washing and health education activities. Family style meals along with skills involved are practiced on a daily basis. Infants are held while being bottle fed according to their own schedules. Formula is provided by the Center.

Head Start regulations require each child to complete a medical and dental screening and receive the necessary follow up care. A hematocrit and current immunizations are also required. Enrollment is not complete until the child's physical is complete. Children will have the opportunity to receive a dental screening in the fall. Parents and Head Start staff work together as a team to get appointments and any necessary follow-up work completed.

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clamsHealth and nutrition services offered include –

  • Wellness, safety and nutrition education
  • Vision and Hearing Screening
  • Height and weight measurements twice a year
  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack
  • Child Nutrition Assessment
  • Make and Take Meal Classes




Family Services

Clam diggingHead Start is committed to supporting your family. We will help you identify your goals and support you in reaching them by using your family strengths and community resources. This will reinforce the gains made by your child in Head Start.

Head Start Family Service's are available to help you identify resources and information. We want to support your own growth and independence.

Family Services include:

  • Help identify concerns, needs and goals your family or child may have
  • Information on community resources
  • Resource Directory listing services available in the area.
  • Emergency Crisis intervention
  • Encouragement and support for your own efforts to obtain the quality of services you deserve.
  • Development of goals and strategies that you identify for your own personal growth.
  • Head Start sponsored parenting classes and informative workshops.
  • Advocacy in dealing with other agencies or programs
  • Maternal and Child Development Information using the Healthy Families Curriculum.

Melissa Streun is the Family Service Manager. If you have any questions or concerns please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Salmon bake

S'Klallam Culture is enmeshed throughout the Early Childhood Education Program, all classrooms have drums and sing with the Children. We have S'Klallam words phrases used throughout the center. Children all come together every other week in the S'Klallam Longhouse to sing and dance together. All parents are encouraged to join us.

There is an annual Fall Salmon bake prepared traditionally.

There are opportunities for families to make their child regalia, rattles, drums and cedar head bands.

The Early Childhood Program also recognizes the importance of all cultures represented. If your child is not S'Klallam and you would like to share your culture, we encourage you to talk with the Family Service Manager to see how we can support the sharing of your culture.

Karron McGrady is our Culture Specialist.  


Information and Reports

2012-2013 Head Start Program Information Report (PIR)

2012-2013 Early Head Start Program Information Report (PIR)

Final KICC 2014 Full Community Assessment

2013 PGST ECE Annual Report

2016 Annual Report




Karron McGrady - Health and Nutrition Manager Culture Specialist

Karron McGrady
Cultural Specialist 

(360) 297-6261
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Melissa Streun
Family Service/Transition Manager

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Marie Tabanera

Marie Tabanera
Education Manager

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Rayna Espinosa 

Family Service Assistant


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