Eyer Property

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Mouth of Ship Builders Creek | Eyer Property

The Eyer Property is located at 35079 Little Boston Rd, in the community of Hansville northeast of our reservation. The current owner of the site has used his property as an automotive junk yard from 1945 until present. The 5.6 acre parcel has historically contained between 200 and 800 junk vehicles. Attention was first brought to this location by concerned community members making complaints to the County Health District on illegal activities involving junk yard practices. Although currently postponed, Kitsap County has been actively involved in testing this property. Several contaminants (Cadmium, Heavy Oil, Diesel and Lead) were found at high levels in the soil which will require cleanup actions. While, this site is not on the reservation border, we are still concerned with its unknown impacts to groundwater since we would like to expand our borders up to Little Boston Rd. The priority for this project is low until we know if acquiring the forest land north of our border is likely

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