Court Services

The purpose of the Tribal Court is to professionally, effectively and fairly administer justice to the Port Gamble S'Klallam community, to ensure access to justice and ensure due process.   File, prepare and process new filings and court orders; Record all court proceedings; Maintain Juty Pool; Track fine and restitution payments.

Notary services are also provided to staff and the community.

Services offered:

  • Criminal Court and Healing to Wellness Court (First and Third Wednesday of each month)
  • Family Court, Civil, Juvenile, Traffic, Custody Cases, and ICW (First and Third Tuesday of each month)
  • Notary Services
  • Assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and victims of crime
  • Coordination of Community Service
  • Processing of Traffic Fines
  • Assistance with complaints, petitions, subpoenas, .....
  • Tax exemption forms
  • Juvenile sentencing strategies
  • Assist family/juveniles with Court ordered services
  • Provide Court statistical information
  • Support for children of abuse and their families


The Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe operates a Tribal Court with jurisdiction over criminal, civil and juvenile matters. Appeals are heard by a three-judge Court of Appeals.

The Tribe’s primary governing document is its Constitution, which was adopted in 1939 and has been subsequently amended. An extensive code of laws with more than 20 chapters regulates fishing, hunting, gaming, traffic, domestic relations, and public health; protects children and vulnerable adults; sets forth the criminal laws of the Tribe, court and appellate procedures; and covers a growing list of other subject matters.

Copies of the Tribe’s Law & Order Code are available here on the website. Copies of pages or sections can be obtained from the court or from the Tribal attorney’s office.

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